Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Random Rain Showers

{About Malu Amorim}

{Fendi via Associated Press}

{Jak and Jil}

{Stockholm Street Style}
Fashion Weeks are starting to slow around the globe which is sightly sad to me but, on the bright side, it gives my wallet time to recover...I think I went on splurge overload given all the amazing goodies that were flooding my fashion sonar.

The weather in LA has been crazy to say the least- horrendous heat to rain and lightning? The weather gods are obviously too confused to function! Since I've been trapped indoors in need of AC or rain shelter, I've had some time to find some fashion inspiration online. LOVING these Fendi wedges! I think I've become slightly wedge obsessed but, ah well, things could get worse, right? And that leopard shawl needs to find its way into my life....I'm convinced it's just the right coverup for Fall and Winter. Anyone know where I can find a similar one?

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