Friday, February 14, 2014

Fitness Friday // Pinks & Greens

If you follow me on Insta, you know that I am a gym rat. 
Everyone thinks I'm cray for how often I'm at the gym but it keeps me sane...
Plus, I don't feel so guilty indulging a little more often...yolo!

Well, because I'm always at the gym & 
constantly looking for cute gym clothes, 
I'm starting this Fitness Friday feature. 
Trust me, I never used to care what I wore to the gym but I 
have to admit, the cuter your clothes, the better the workout...
in my opinion :)

So, I partnered with the amazing girls over at
Pinks & Greens to showcase my favorite Aussie fitness brand -
Lorna Jane. This top is amazing on so many levels...
it's ombré 
it's tribal mesh pattern is on point
it has the perfect pop of color to contrast your boring black workout pants
it's just amazing! 

Don't believe me? 
See for yourself here

On a completely different note -
 happy Valentine's Day my little love bugs! 
Love you lots!


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