Saturday, October 9, 2010

Venice Beach

{Shirt: Target; Jeans: Gifted Rich and Skinny; Shoes: Jessica Simpson; Clutch: Cole Haan; Sunglasses: Vintage}
This week has been so amazing! You know when you can't put your finger on any one event in particular but, rather on a series of events that have just made the week that much better than the previous one? Well, I experienced that this week. With the arrival of my new shoes (as shown above), a care package from Rich and Skinny, a great buy from Target, some amazing business opportunities and a positive outlook on life, I've been been a pretty happy camper lately.

My jeans arrived on Tuesday and I have been living in them ever since! These Cargo Leggings in Neptune are a must have- the wash goes with everything, the cargo details are right on point for the military trend this season and they're long enough for my 5'11" frame- match made in heaven. Don't be surprised if you see me rocking these with my combat boots, button up and/or cozy sweater later this season.

I had a lunch meeting in Venice Beach this afternoon but showed up a bit early to wander the boardwalk as I had never been down there before!I must have died and gone to heaven when I got down there- between the fantastic people watching, street vendors and unique street art, I was definitely in sensory overload. Here are some pics that I snapped while wandering about. I would love to go back with a nicer camera and a wee bit more time and capture some of the unique scenes the boardwalk has to offer. Anyone know of any good eateries, stores or places to check out next time I'm in the Venice neighborhood?


  1. I'm LOVING your blog. Great combo of fun pics and fun,breezy commentary on your life. Keep it up!

  2. Hey doll, Stumbled across your fab blog on IFB - Love! And love your outfit too - hott!! Following you on Bloglovin' now too :)

    B - xx

  3. B,

    Thanks for the add! LOVE your blog too...and following you now!




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