Monday, November 1, 2010

Combat Boots

{Sweater: Forever21; Tank: Target; Shorts: Les Halles; Boots: Zara}
I celebrated Halloween Friday night in Newport Beach and boy oh boy were there some amazing costumes out and about! Unfortunately, I didn't put as much effort into my costumes this year as I would have liked and played it safe by going as a Goth on Friday and an Army Personnel on Saturday (like I said, nothing special). Despite this simple costumes, I had an AMAZING time this year and even got to spend Saturday night in Downtown San Diego with some of my closest friends from university!

Before I drove down to San Diego on Saturday, I rode a tandem bike around Newport and got to take in the gorgeous beach! Even though it was a little windy, the weather was perfect! I made a huuuuge fashion faux pas though and wore my combat boots to the beach ala Justin Bobby from The Hills! Ummm which is worse? The fact that I wore my combat boots to the beach or the fact that I know Justin Bobby on The Hills did the same thing? Not my proudest moment.

What did everyone do for Halloween? I'm dying to see some amazing pics from the weekend!

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