Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Horse Hair

{Romina Lanaro by Camilla Akrans via Fashion Gone Rogue}
Even though this editorial was originally published in 2007 for Flair Magazine, it is still totally relevant this season. There is something so primal and cave woman about it- the horse, the red rocks, the furs. I love it all! If only we all looked that good walking around naked with our furs...

Ok, I need to find a great fur for the Winter- faux fur obviously! Oh, and does the weather here in LA understand that it is almost Thanksgiving and some cold, rainny weather is much needed? I am so over my Spring/Summer wardrobe, I've been dressing for winter and sweating off my layers pretty much every day- not cute girl, not cute.


  1. love the fur- but what is more trendy: a cropped fur cape or a bigger fur coat? Any advice on where to shop for it?

    the pics are beautiful!

  2. Love when an older ed is still relevant and rad.


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